Understand the capabilities, power & business benefits from the Microsoft Project Online PPM portfolio toolset with this deep dive masterclass.

Workshop overview
Gain an in-depth understanding of how Project Online can help you manage work within a project, programme and portfolio (PPM) environment. Experience hands-on the powerful capabilities of Microsoft’s premier project toolset.
Delivery method
Closed-Company delivery. One x 4-hour segment.
Learning outcomes
After completing this workshop, delegates have a thorough understanding of how Microsoft Project Online’s benefits can be achieved within an organisation and its portfolio of projects. They will be able to articulate:

  • Enterprise-wide data and how it can be used to drive business intelligence and better decisions.
  • How to select projects that best meet their organisation’s needs, drivers, budget and capabilities.
  • How to map and manage project lifecycle transitions using workflows.
  • Best practices for resource definition, assignment and cross-project utilisation & optimisation.
  • Risk and Issue management across a project portfolio.
  • Dissemination of tracking data to meet the needs of a multi-project user community.
  • Updating, analysis and replanning techniques across projects and programmes.
Project Coordinator or Project Admin, Project Manager, Programme Manager, Project Office Member.
Workshop detail
With our Project Online Deep Dive Masterclass, we look to share with you the functionality and business benefits that Microsoft Project Online can bring to your project portfolio. We’ll share with you not only the inner workings of the system but also the day-to-day practicalities of how to implement this powerful and flexible toolset quickly and effectively.

Not only you get to know how Project Online ticks, you’ll gain a real-world understanding of the system’s design and philosophy and be ready to match all of this to how your organisation manages its portfolio of work and people.

What’s more, as we’ve been involved with Project Online ever since its earliest incarnation in 2002 (even delivering training on behalf of both Microsoft UK and Microsoft NZ), you can have complete confidence in the knowledge that we will share and the advice that we will give.

Below is a list of core topics that is covered within this workshop. As we positively encourage delegate-specific and company-specific content requests, do feel free to let us know topics that are of particular interest to you or your organisation.

  • Understanding projects, programmes and portfolios
  • Establishing portfolio-wide communication strategies
  • Receiving business intelligence, and understanding how BI is driven
  • Creating valid metadata to drive effective BI
  • Understanding business drivers and how they affect portfolio selection
  • Portfolio selection techniques: Doing the right projects; not just doing projects right
  • Creating workflows to automate and manage processes
  • Using workflow phases and stages for effective project lifecycle management
  • Using Enterprise Project types as super-templates
  • Creating new projects in an enterprise world
  • Creating and maintaining master:sub project relationships
  • How resource pools can match your organisation, its people and its teams
  • Creating and utilising role-based resource planning
  • Performing capacity planning
  • Understanding the benefits and implications of resource engagements
  • Publishing projects and viewing Project Sites
  • Managing risks and issues
  • Baselines within a portfolio; their establishment and their governance
  • Progress tracking and timesheets
  • Sharing work across team members
  • Techniques for receiving & reviewing, accepting or rejecting project progress
  • Replanning and republishing projects
  • How to close both tasks and projects and how historic work can be effectively archived

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