Project Intelligence Template for Microsoft Project


Cost per user
1-9 10-49 50-99 100+
 $  135.00  $    110.00  $    90.00  $   65.00


Let the Project Intelligence Template streamline, structure and standardize plan creation, optimization and reporting for Microsoft Project users.

Within this template you’ll find a host of custom views, tables, dashboards and stoplights all designed with one key purpose; to make your organization’s projects better.  Whilst we can’t guarantee you project success, we can help you streamline and standardize your project processes and enable greater consistency in project analysis and reporting.

Here’s what the template contains:

  • Five stakeholder-focused printout views, all optimized for hard copy reporting.
  • Fourteen custom screen views designed to assist with creating, optimizing, progressing and analyzing your projects; all designed around a best-practice project lifecycle.
  • Seven custom project dashboards, all providing immediate performance indicators and key business intelligence data.
  • Seven KPI formulaic fields, each designed to translate project performance with easy-to-understand stoplight images.
  • One custom KPI table to help you realistically compare project versions and prepare Extension of Time claims.
  • A  process-oriented checklist of best-practice Microsoft Project objectives and techniques, all linked to custom views/tables/reports and backed up by a detailed lifecycle-based guide.
  • A comprehensive Knowledge Base comprising 86 reference topics and over 700 interlinked keyword definitions to demystify the intricacies of how Microsoft Project works beneath the surface.

Already being used by corporates and individuals, this Microsoft Project reporting template can use used as-is or customized to match organizational standards and processes.  You can create new projects from the template, integrate it within any templates you already use, or even retrofit the template into existing project plans.  As a key component within our Contractor Project Solutions suite, this can also be incorporated within your Microsoft Project training, in turn helping the project manager and planner get more from their software tool of choice.

Here’s three key reasons why this template can work for you:

  1. It speeds up planning, tracking, analyzing and reporting so less time is needed in front of a PC and more time can be spent actually managing a project.
  2. It emphasizes organizational processes, helping to plan and manage projects in a more consistent manner, thus leveraging your Microsoft Project investment the more you use it.
  3. It provides client-friendly reporting and key BI data, all promoting best project management practice.