Are you realising the full benefit of your Microsoft Project investment? Do you already have fully-repeatable processes, automated templates or effective programme and resource management across all of your projects?

If your answer is an emphatic yes, click away now. If not, perhaps we can help you.

Quickly and easily realise your Microsoft Project system’s capabilities:

Listed below are ways that we’ve helped our clients get so much more from their use of Microsoft Project. In every case, we’ve provided practical and realistic solutions that provide tangible benefits, reducing administrative burdens and delivering measurable results. What’s more, using our Project Server expertise we can ensure that our solutions are both scalable and future-proof.

Build flexible and repeatable processes:

  • Have simple-to-adopt processes and educate people in their use.
  • Take existing best practices and build effective, scalable processes.
  • Ensure processes are clearly and accurately documented.

Use templates to automate and streamline:

  • Shorten your planning time with flexible and adaptable templates.
  • Standardise your messaging – both internally and client-facing.
  • Have templates that can be retro-fitted to recently-planned or in-progress projects.

We’ll be your Virtual Project & Programme Office:

  • Let us consolidate your projects, resources and programmes so you can see the big picture.
  • Let us streamline your project reporting, ensuring that your business intelligence is always up to date.
  • Let us help enforce best-practice planning, analysis and replanning techniques to keep everything on track.

To discuss how we can help you realise your Microsoft Project investment, just call us on 0800 83 93 43.