Become a Microsoft Project Super User with tips, tricks, tools and smart skills taught within this high-impact masterclass workshop.

Workshop overview
High-impact workshops designed for experienced Microsoft Project users. Providing hands-on guidance using pre-prepared data or their own, delegates will learn smart real-world skills to make the tool work for them, overcoming individual pain points along the way.
Delivery method
Closed-Company delivery. Delivered in multiples of single-hour segments.
Learning outcomes
After completing this workshop, delegates will possess a toolset of real-world Microsoft Project skills. They will be able to use these skills to:

  • Plan their own projects and programmes and those on behalf of others in a coherent and repeatable manner.
  • Analyse projects/programmes that they have created, and projects created by others to ensure robustness and accuracy.
  • Effectively replan work, time, and cost to ensure projects meet their desired objectives.
  • Create reports and dashboards for all levels of project stakeholder.
  • Customise project and programme data for accurate and timely analysis.
  • Promote best-practice Microsoft Project use, not only for themselves but also for their colleagues.
  • Become a Super User within their company in terms of Microsoft Project expertise.
Project Manager, Programme Manager, Resource Manager, Project Office Administrator, Project Coordinator, Programme Coordinator, Contracts Manager, Site Manager.
Workshop detail
In our Microsoft Project Smart Skills workshops, we want you to put something in, as well as get something out. As we want you to hone your skills and overcome your pain points, you help us set the agenda for the workshop, bringing your own project data if you wish. Just in case you think your list of burning issues is too small, don’t worry as the additional content we suggest will teach you all the smarts in how to use Microsoft Project more effectively, with plenty of useful tips and tricks as well.

What’s more, as we’ve taught several thousand Project users since 1994, we’re confident that the knowledge and skills we’ve gained since then can be shared to help you get more from your use of Microsoft Project.

As the content of the workshop is flexible, delegate-specific and company-specific content is not only included, but also positively encouraged. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of what these workshops commonly cover:

  • Microsoft Project 101-401 – what it can and cannot do
  •  Making calendars and project options match the way you work
  • Getting real with task and resource calendars
  • Matching individuals, roles and teams to how your organisation works
  • Creating a balanced project structure to match your project’s scope
  • Creating optimised project schedules
  • Scheduling the project model to match the outside world
  • Creating targets with single and multiple baselines
  • Lifecycle management and project version control
  • Using smart ways to track progress
  • How to enter estimates-to-complete and then understand how work is rescheduled
  • Performing variance analysis of time, work and costs.
  • Replanning options for time, work and cost
  • Using templates with both new and existing projects
  • Creating task and resource codes to add structure and aid reporting
  • Importing and exporting valuable project data
  • Advanced project reporting and digital dashboards
  • Analysing cash flow
  • Earned-Value analysis
  • Creating master and subproject schedules
  • Sharing resources across multiple projects
  • Performing project version comparisons

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