Project Online solutions - make Microsoft Project Online integrate seamlessly with your projects, people and processes.
Successfully implementing Microsoft Project Online in an Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) environment may at first seem a daunting task.  How much can you do yourself, and how much help will you need from outside?

If you’re looking for a consultancy partner that works with you and your team, please read on.

Listed below are ways that we’ve worked with our clients to turn their PPM aspirations into reality.  In all cases we’ve never sold a heavyweight consultancy exercise.  Instead, we’ve provided common-sense advice and assistance; working in partnership with our clients in helping them create and deploy systems that they can successfully maintain.

  Get the most from your PPM people   Build effective and workable PPM processes   Make efficient use of your PPM technology
Envision what PPM can mean to and require from your business.
Define and optimise PPM roles, responsibilities and communication methods.
Train your team on generic PPM best practices and your PPM processes.
Refine your existing processes and apply them to a PPM environment.
Dry-run processes in a pilot environment and then undertake a managed roll out.
Create user-friendly process documentation, matched to roles and responsibilities.
Configure reporting metadata and user security definitions.
Define and implement workflows to streamline your project lifecycle management.
Get an enhanced return on investment with optimised project and portfolio selections.

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