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People and process solutions - make MS Project Online integrate seamlessly with your people and how they work




Does your Microsoft Project Online system fully meet your expectations?  Does it match your organisation's processes to a fault, with all your people fully conversant with its demands and capabilities?  If your answer is an emphatic yes, click away now.  If not, perhaps we can help you.

Why do clients choose our people & process services?  Here's three key reasons:

We like to work in partnership with our clients.  They know their businesses better than we ever will.  It is our job to simply help make our clients more efficient.

We won't reinvent the wheel either.  If a client's process works, our job is to translate that process within Project Online to help make it widely available and effective.

We've educated clients (including on behalf of Microsoft NZ & Microsoft UK) on Project Online & Server since 2002, so we have plenty of experience and expertise to share.


Microsoft Project consultancy solutions
Below you'll see some of the most common services that we provide for our clients.  Plus, we have off-the shelf and custom training options available too:

Project Online Deep Dive

Programmes, processes & Project Online techniques

Matching Project Online with your processes

Making Project Online work for your people

Educating your people about your system


Reviewing (and ideally refining) existing processes.

Mapping your processes into the Project Online toolset.

Making processes work for your people & your teams.


Mapping roles and responsibilities to individuals & teams.

Intelligently using role-based resource management.

Making capacity planning work for you.


Educating super users on system intricacies.

Educating executives on system capabilities.

Role-specific education for all types of user.

To find out more about what we can offer you, just click the Enquire button above or give us a call on 0800 83 93 43 with any questions you may have.


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